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Resources & Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day

Each year, as a child, I would spend time at the Earth Day fair in my hometown. This helped build a love for the Earth and celebrating Earth Day. There was something about going to the fairs and learning about how to save the earth, how to plant and care for certain plants, how to save water by preserving it. The activities were endless. Have you ever been to a fair like that for Earth Day? I don't know if they still do those such things anymore but I always try to bring a little fun into the classroom this time of year. Especially to bring awareness to this generation of kids who will ultimately play a big part of preserving this world we live in. 

Seasoned Salmon & Veggies in Foil

If you would have asked me a couple years ago if I wanted Salmon for dinner, I would have given you a face. Yes, I know, I live in Seattle, how could I not like Salmon? I heard that question time and time again. Whenever we went anywhere, I always had the other option, not really wanting to attempt eating it. Fast forward a few years, and I'm loving Salmon. Maybe I just needed to really give it a chance and get my palate (yes, I said a foodie word) to appreciate the taste and flavors. With all that being said, I now am on rampage to make up for lost time, testing and enjoying Salmon recipes left and right. This recipe is one of those I love to make because it's a throw together, wrap it up and stick it in the oven meals.

Happy Friday, March 25th!

1. Chicken Pot, YUM! 

One of the things I've never made, but always wanted to, is chicken pot pie! I finally found the energy this week to try out my hand at this task. I wish I would have made it sooner if I knew it would turn out this amazing! We pretty much had leftovers all week, thanks to a huge pan instead of individual pies. I thankfully took pictures to share on the blog soon so stay tuned!

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Joy Cowley Classroom Giveaway

Have you heard that Joy Cowley is having a HUGE classroom giveaway worth over $1000+ dollars? These are fabulous books for little readers with some guided reading suggestions built right in for the teachers. Not only that, they feature some entertaining characters, like Miniboy and Hairy Bear, which are just as lovable as Mrs. Wishy-Washy is.

Writing about Lucky Leprechauns

Lucky Leprechauns Book
Those lucky little leprechauns will be coming around in a few short days! How do you celebrate in your classroom? My ELL students were given a choice this time around: Narrative or Informational. They decided they wanted to work on informational writing and so I began to prep for their Leprechaun learning this week. Although my classroom is working on non-fiction writing, I wanted to gather a list of writing prompts you could use in your classroom with this Lucky Leprechaun printable

20 Minute Italian Pork Chops

20 Minute Italian Pork Chops
20 Minutes is really all you need, I promise you. These pork chops are seriously amazing. The aroma alone is worth cooking it for dinner, let alone the taste and overall ease of the recipe. Jonathan was the one who originally thought of this tasty treat (see, I do give you credit, J!) and so when he brought pork chops home the next night, I was game!