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Last week I posted a reflective post of the year called Fourteen in '14. I have had a ton of questions asking how I added my instagram photos directly to my blog post so here I am to explain how I figured it out! I have to admit, I originally was checking out Maria from Kinder Craze and noticed she had added instagram photos. I instantly went on a google searching hunt trying to figure out HOW in the world to do it! Of course, I could not find a single thing on the internet (so sad!) but luckily after some investigating on I figured it out! Woohoo! Here is what you have to do:
Head on over to on your computer. You cannot do this on your phone! Log in using your instagram information and click the icon on the top right to go to your homepage. The URL is usually
Choose a photo you want to share, click the picture, it should bring up a window of your photo with the captions and comments you have received. Click the "..." on the bottom right corner of the pop up box. Select "Embed"
Another pop up will happen, decide if you want to include your caption with the image then select the coding in the box. You can either do it with your mouse or press your cursor in the box and press ctrl/command + A on your keyboard. This will select everything in the box. Then press ctrl/command + C on your keyboard to copy the text. I have found that the Copy Embed Code does not work correctly on my computer!!
Head over to blogger and create/edit a new post. Select HTML option on the top left. Your screen size should change when switching over to HTML. Paste the code in the text box by right clicking Paste or press ctrl/command + V.
You should end up with all of this coding! Do not edit, delete or change anything there, it will not work correctly if you do!
If you would like your image to be centered in your post you must add in the code <center> BEFORE and </center> AFTER the text you copied. Make sure if you choose to do this option that the added code is exactly how I have it above. HTML is very temperamental!
Click the Compose button on the top left to toggle back. You will end up seeing a light gray box (this is normal!) and your caption if you have included it.

At this point you have successfully added a photo from Instagram to your post! If you want to add more than one photo, you will need to do the same thing just leave a space between your code! I'm hopeful that this tutorial will help you add some flair to your posts!

{Almost} January Currently!

This is seriously my favorite time of the month! I absolutely love Farley's Currently because it's so simple and easy and I get to meet new blogging friends! ♥
Listening: After a heated discussion on LOST (It's my absolute favorite show of all time!) with my best friend and boyfriend (They are not the biggest fans!), I knew it was time to watch the whole series again (This is my 7th time!!). I'm already on Season 3 and started on Saturday. I don't know if that is good or bad but that's what I've been up to. ;)
Loving: I also spent the weekend working on a new blog design and for all my social media. It was about time! Lucky for me, I'm such a nerd that I love doing this stuff on my own! Also lucky for me, I have a friend who I may be designing for as well!

Thinking: Don't lie, it's on your brain! I wanted to get my school work done early during break but it's already Wednesday and I haven't done much! Oh well I say, but it is still on my brain. I suppose this weekend will be a fun-filled grading, planning, creating weekend!
Wanting: New Year's is not my favorite so I'm really wanting a relaxing night in with PJs, Pizza and my two best friends, Jonathan and Lindsey! Last year we had a game night and it was perfect!
Needing: Jonathan and I went to Seaside, Oregon last year for my birthday and it was the best trip we have ever had! It was a lazy quiet beach town with just locals around. We decided we will continue the tradition of going there but this time we are going in February for our 4 year anniversary. I just wish it was February already!!

Yes: to eating healthier this yes! I'm pretty sure that this is on everyone's list but I gotta make it happen!

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Maybe: some more recipes are heading this way! With eating better, means staying in and cooking, and that means new recipes!

I Wish: and hope to learn how to make clip art this year!! A couple of my friends from The Primary Pack are encouraging me to learn so I'm going to jump in. I'm thankful for Cara from Creative Playground (and another Primary Pack member!) for teaching me the tricks of the trade!!

Fourteen in '14!

Balance: The struggle is real when it comes to the balancing act. I've tried really hard the last couple of months to focus on just that. The balance between getting home and still having a ton of work to do, or the trade off between doing something fun with my friends or staying home to work on just that, work. I have made a good effort so far but want to continue to work with this simple word! 
Eating Healthy: Along with the balancing act, my 2015 goal is to eat healthier! Eat out less and cook in more. Instead of eating frozen foods and quick easy meals, take in fresh salads to work. Overall, be conscious of what I'm eating! 

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Cooking with My Grandma: This last summer I spent some time with my Little Grandma (We call her Little Grandma because she is so petite and small!) and we did some cooking together. My grandma is an amazing home cook who makes traditional cuban dishes. I was lucky enough to cook, take notes and capture these amazing recipes!

Celebrating: I absolutely love this photo of a photo. This was taken at an engagement party of my boyfriend's really good friends. I think sometimes I forget how amazing film photography is! Hmmm, maybe another goal is to get my darkroom set back up!

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Starbucks: I honestly don't know how I kicked it but in 2014, I officially dropped Starbucks off my daily to do list. I won't go into a lot of details but the customer service, the prices and the overall quality finally did it for me. I'm happy to say that I'm saving a TON of money every month by going to smaller coffee stands and making coffee my way at home. 

Pre-Season Peek: My favorite post has to be about my classroom for this school year! I even had a little more fun by making it a linky party with some of my blogger buddies to share their classroom as well!
Playing Off Above: My co-worker actually sent this to me and I just had to pin it. It's priceless!
From a Student: After a couple of tough weeks, it was so wonderful to see something like this on my desk. It's priceless and perfect!

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Planning: Every year I go back and forth with planning, I can never figure out the perfect way to plan for school. I'm not a huge fan of it so I don't want to spend a ton of time with intense plans so I decided to go back to the college days with this Mixed Role August to August calendar. It's just a simple daily planner with lines but I've worked out a system that works best for me and I LOVE it! I'm hoping my love for it continues in 2015!

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Sushi: My absolute favorite restaurant is in my boyfriend Jonathan's neighborhood called Wabi Sabi Sushi in Seattle. If you are ever visiting Seattle, you must try this place!

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LOST: Funny thing you asked, I just ranted with my best friend and boyfriend the other day about how LOST is simply the most amazing show ever, then I decided to re-live my love for LOST with re-watching the series on Netflix!

Lion King: By far one of my favorite movies as a child! Technically this wasn't a movie but I did get to finally see Lion King live!! It was magical and wonderful!

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Lepoard & Teal: I'm a huge fan of teal so I'm always trying to combine everything and anything with this color. This was probably my easiest and comfiest (is that even a word?!) outfit!

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Sunday Funday: I absolutely love this quote!

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Thanks to the lovely ladies at Miss Kindergarten, A Teeny Tiny Teacher and Dragonflies in First for hosting this wonderful reflective linky party. This was the perfect excuse to sit down and finally blog and things that matter in life!
I'm very excited for everything to come in 2015 and have already begun the year off right with a new blog design! Nothing is better than a fresh new start, right?? Happy New Year and have a wonderful rest of your break!

It's A Birthday BOGO!!

It's my BIRTHDAY!!! Well... actually, my birthday was on Thursday but birthday week still counts, right?! I'm celebrating with my BEST blogging buddy, Jennifer at Stories and Songs in Second who's birthday was yesterday. We both decided why not throw a virtual birthday party with all of our great teacher friends.

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