Veteran's Day Sale!

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Fall Landscape Artwork with Acrostic Poem

Hey y'all, happy fall! It's officially been one full month of our collaborative blog, The Primary Pack. I'm excited to mark the beginning of another fun month ahead! I'm blogging from there today but I also wanted to share it on Laugh Eat Learn!

If you follow me on my own blog, you would know I'm slightly obsessed with fall time. I also love taking pictures of fall leaves and trees. See, slightly obsessed! Last year we did a art project similar to this one but I decided to add in another step with the glue outline and the acrostic poems! 

Last week we worked on the first part of artwork with creating Acrostic Poems using the word "Pumpkin". You can read all about that here and purchase my acrostic poem pack here! Now onto the art! 

Fall Landscape Artwork

Step One: Create landscape (including a pumpkin) in pencil. I taught students shapes of different things found in a landscape on the board before letting them go to their own papers. They should be large shapes/objects so they can fit the pastels within them! 

Step Two: Outline pencil lines with white glue. I modeled for my kiddos. Some had some had trouble with the squeezing of the glue. We had to practice on some paper towels to help with that. 

Step Three: Find a SAFE area for them to dry. I had them keep them on their tables because moving them would cause the glue to shift. 

Step Four: After the glue is completely dry,  model blending layers of colors in the sections of glue. 

Step Five: Using your finger, blend the colors in. I had them have a extra paper towel for their fingers. 

Step Six: Fill in all the sections with pastels, keeping the background dark!  

Step Seven: Mount with their Acrostic Poem and enjoy their masterpieces! 

My kids absolutely loved getting messy with the pastels and making these beautiful fall landscapes. They turned out so well and we will defiantly be doing this project next year! I hope you can use this in your classroom as well! See you next month on the 5th at the Primary Pack!

November Currently!

Listening: Who else is addicted to The Walking Dead like I am?! I'm finally able to catch up on the last 3 episodes from this season and how disgustingly awesome is it! I'm wanting to re-read the comic books now. 

Loving: I finally bit the bullet and got myself a new toy! I've been thinking about it for a couple months and finally my old laptop started acting up so I knew it was time! This is the first Mac I've ever own so I have a huge learning curve, but I'm loving the experience. Any tips for a newbie? 

Thinking: I was telling my co-worker the other day that I honestly can't believe it's already November! This year is FLYING by, before we know it, it's going to be the new year. There is so much I want/need to get done before then! 

Wanting: Can we please all get together and vote for teachers to have one day of the week a non-student day!? That way we can actually plan at school and not at home, during our weekends and nights! There is not enough time!

Needing: Conferences are coming up this week! I love this time to meet with parents and my kiddos one on one. I also have to secretly admit that I love when I have no-shows because it gives me time to clean/prep in my classroom! Regardless, look at this special picture one of my students made for me: 

Reading: I haven't had a second to do any personal reading but sometimes when I'm driving to Seattle to hang out with my boyfriend, I pop in my audiobook for Janet Evanovich's series. I'm on Fearless Fourteen right now! They are so hilarious!

Thanks for hosting this wonderful treat every month, Farley! Happy November to everyone!