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How to Create & Install a TPT Quotebox Image

Calling all Teacherpreneurs! Learn how to create and install a quotebox image in your Teachers Pay Teachers shop. The quotebox space is a perfect space for branding and/or promotion for your best selling classroom products. This tutorial is easy to follow and includes a FREE template to make your own images for your TPT store!

Calling all Teacherpreneurs! I'm excited to share the start of a new series here at Laugh Eat Learn all about making your Teachers Pay Teachers shop the best it can be! First up is that quotebox space; the ideal space for branding and/or promotion for your best selling products. If you have one already installed, really are in need of one, or have no idea what I'm talking about, this tutorial will be perfect for you to make your store even better!

Fabulous Fall Fonts

I'm happy to share some fabulous fonts with you that are inspired by this beautiful autumn season. All of these fall fonts are free for personal use from dafont.

It's fall, ya'll! This is my favorite time of year, hands down! I'm happy to share some fabulous fonts with you that are inspired by this beautiful season. All of these fonts are free for personal use and can be download directly with the links below.

Chicken "Bone" Slow Cooker Soup

This homemade Chicken "Bone" Soup is a slow cooker staple in our household. We love how easy, quick, and flexible it is depending on the veggies we have at home at the time. Using a leftover rotisserie chicken is the base of this healthy and hearty recipe.

"Bone" soup has become one of our favorite meals to throw together and cook in the slow cooker. It really has become a staple within our home and something to look forward to smelling as it cooks throughout the day (hands down, best part of slow cooker meals). It's the perfect excuse to use all those vegetables that are needing to be cooked and that leftover roasted chicken (you know, the ones from Costco that make the easiest dinners for busy families). I probably should have already stated this but although it's called bone soup, there are actually no bones in the soup. I'm not even sure who started saying Bone Soup, but it clicked and now we continue to make this soup, each time a little different with variations of vegetables. Needless to say, this chicken bone soup is very flexible but tastes amazing each time it's put together.

Writing Resources & Prompts for October

Themed writing craftivities and prompts are perfect for October for your students. They can be used in centers, group story shares, whole group activities, or just a stand alone during your writing block. These writing prompts pair perfectly with these silly flippable books allowing kids to write and have fun!

Happy October! I'm excited to share my October themed writing crafts, perfect for any writer in your classroom. How do you celebrate this month in your classroom? My kiddos usually love to write about the changes happening around us (it's beautiful here in Seattle during the fall) so they drive their inspiration from their surroundings. With Halloween a hit or miss in most schools, I wanted to offer a variety of crafts for this month as well as some fun writing prompts to go along with them!

The Best Lunch Recipes for Busy Teachers

I don't know about you but I can get really bored with lunches, especially when they are simple sandwiches or salads every day. I need variety in my life! With all that in mind, here is a mixture of the best, eye-pleasing lunches I could find for all us busy teachers! Trust me, your fellow teachers are gonna be jealous!

Lunch time is a very important time during your day. As a teacher, you need something that can easily be eaten with or without the use of a microwave. Something more than just a simple salad or sandwich, am I right?! Well if you are looking for something more for your lunch break, I've gathered the best recipes for that quiet time in your classroom, catching up with fellow teachers in the staff lounge, or in front of the copy machine!

Spiced Apple Cheesecake Muffins

These Spiced Apple Cheesecake Muffins are a quick and easy recipe to please any autumn lover. With actual pieces of apples throughout the mixture, a real quick cheesecake center, and spiced cake throughout these are my go to fall recipe to enjoy!

With the leaves beginning to change and the air starting to become more crisper, I thought it would be the perfect time to try a new fall themed recipe. Something that I could eat with my morning coffee or a simple snack for my afternoon break. In the past, I've made similar cheesecake filled muffin and cupcakes, but I love the combination of the spice cake with the fresh pieces of apples scattered throughout the tin with just the touch of cheesecake center.